Musicians Wanted For Black Metal Fusion Band... (San Francisco) - San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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City: San Francisco, California
Offer type: For Free


Contact name Eden Black

Item description

Are you interested in Black Metal, on any level? I would like to form a band with a sound that incorporates the elements of Norwegian style Black Metal, with other types in the Metal, Punk, Shamanic, Ambient, and Classic Rock genres. I wouldn't expect to be doing Black Metal vocals the entire time, but, rather utilize the Black Metal style of guitar and vocals along with other styles...Metal, Rock, Psychedelic, and Melodic.

I'm not into any extreme religious beliefs, on either side, and, I don't want to achieve a particularly 'negative', or satanic mood, just a real depth of sound, and intensity. I'd rather approach Black Metal in a more metaphysical, or Pagan way. I'm very interested in that sort of guitar sound, and vocals, hard edged, as well as ambient.

I am a female singer, and, I would like to perform in a band with a male singer, as well, if possible. I also play some guitar, and drums, though, I don't have a whole kit, at the moment. I've recently acquired a keyboard. I'm very good at very experimental and also Shamanic drumming, and have put shaman into trance states, before, during and not during actual performances. I am working also on a theater/performance art group, which I need music for, also.
Darkthrone,* Isengard, *Nachtmystium, *Enslaved, *Aghast, *Fimbulwinter, *Xasthur, *Lifelover, *Mayhem, *Morbid, * Burzum, *Krypt, *Nortt, *Hypnothermia, *Furze, *Forgotten Tomb, *Thy Light, *Peste Noire, *Feigur, *Striborg, *Wigrid, *Sterbend, *Raison D'Etre, *Leviathan, *Kult, *Moevat, *Passage D'Hiver, * Nae'blis, *Old Funeral, *Strid, *Austere, *Blodarv, *Sarke, *Craft, *Aakon Keetreh, *Wedard